TheBooking REST API

TheBooking implements a REST API to make the interaction with its data easier for developers.

The API is still at early stage, so it could have some limits. Feel free to contact our support for any report or suggestion.

Auth API tokens

In order to use the API, a client must provide an authorization API token to identify itself.

Authorization tokens can be generated inside the Settings > API section. A token can authorize either read-only operations (GET) or read-writing data operations (POST or GET).

A token can't be modified, but it can be revoked (deleted).

API base url

The base URL that a REST request has to call can be found inside the Settings > API section. It depends on your WordPress installation and on how permalinks are set, generally it has this form:

so for instance, a GET call for listing reservations should be directed to:


Each API request must be equipped with a REST API token. Once a token is generated, it must be included in the Authorization header of the request:

Authorization Bearer <token>

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